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Job opportunity: International Development Project Evaluation Consultant

As part of our ongoing SWITCH-Asia EU-funded RUTSIS project we are looking to involve an external consultant, who will carry out the project evaluation.

The project team aims to find a suitable and cost-efficient external consultant who can support the evaluation of project activities performed in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Germany. The concept and details of the support and details on the implementation are outlined in the attached Terms of Reference (ToR). The consultant will work in close collaboration with the RUTSIS project team. The consultant will need to adopt the approach described in the ToR - 



The applicant shall fulfill the following requirements:

  • Expertise and experience in project evaluation (at least 5 years of professional experience);
  • Knowledge of Central Asia;
  • Knowledge of Russian language (is an advantage);
  • Knowledge of SCP and if possible business development support;
  • Experience in evaluation of EU funded projects (is an advantage).


Offers shall include:

  • Detailed offer including technical specifications of the service delivery as well as an economic offer;
  • CV;
  • Other relevant documents including references (optional).


All offers have to be prepared in English. The working language under this tender will be English.

All expert fees shall be quoted in  only. Your price offer must include firm, non-revisable prices.

Applicants should review the components outlined in the ToR and quote their daily rates. Please consult the ToR to see the number of days needed.


Any commercial, technical and procedural questions regarding the offer must be submitted by email to: piepmeieratadelphi [dot] de (piepmeier[at]adelphi[dot]de) until 30 September 2022. All questions will be answered in writing.


Please submit your offers to procurementatadelphi [dot] de (procurement[at]adelphi[dot]de) until 7 October 2022 23:59 CEST (Central European Summer Time). We will not be able to accept late coming proposals. Your offer shall be valid 30 days after the submission deadline. Your bid binds you until this date.


ToR - 

General Conditions of adelphi research gGmbH for works and services -