Welcome to the Homepage of  the EU Switch Project "Reviving Uzbekistan's and Tajikistan's Sustainable Ikat and Silk Production" (RUTSIS).

The project is funded by the European Union and is part of the SWITCH Asia Grant Programme. Between 03/2020 and 02/2023 the project team will focus their activities on two regions in Central Asia: Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

As an EU Switch Asia project, “RUTSIS” aims to reconnect the fragmented parts of Uzbek and Tajik silk value chains across the border and at the same time introduces or revives sustainable practices in the production. In doing so, the project reintegrates formerly used natural dyes and promotes a sustainable treatment of water in general and wastewater in specific. In addition, the project supports the adoption of sustainable design practices. The countries moreover benefit from the international approach of the project, which includes the proposal of a sustainale silk eco-label and the facilitation of access to local and global markets, further strengthening the position of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as countries of origin for silk products.